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Recruiting: Expert Session Video - Finding New and Creative Sources of Candidates

Finding New and Creative Sources of Candidates

Here are resources to help you construct the best experience for your candidates.

Creative Sources for Candidates:

  • Use Social Media
  • Attend Networking Events and Job Fairs
  • Use Local Job Boards
  • Use Tracking Links to track where you are getting candidates to apply from.
  • Use QR codes to help candidates easily apply from their smart phones

Allow Current Employees to Throw their Name in the Hat:

Incentivize Current Employees to Share that You are Hiring: Use the Gravity Referral App to incentivize employees to share open jobs at your company.

Brand your Company to Attract Talent:

  • Recruiting sends your jobs to the free job boards so you need to make sure your company profile looks good on these job boards.
  • Ask your employees to leave positive reviews on your public profiles.
  • Standardize your communication to all applicants.
  • Update your Careers Page.

Still having a hard time getting qualified candidates?

Once you have Gathered these Candidates, Utilize Recruiting as a Database:

Watch the Expert Session Video On-Demand: 

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Give feedback about this article
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