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Recruiting: Job Approval Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Troubleshooting

FAQ about the Job Approval feature and troubleshooting issues.

1. Can Admin/Staffing Users approve jobs for other people?

  • Yes:
    • If you want to approve a job on behalf of someone, navigate to the job’s approval record then click the person’s name in the Approval Bar.

2. Can we skip the Approval Process?

  • Yes:
  • Admin and Staffing users can skip the approval process after a request has been submitted by clicking Skip Approval during the Select an Approval Process prompt.

3. Can people edit a job once it is approved?

  • Admin and Staffing users can edit a job once it is approved.
  • Standard users can edit a job description, but not other information.

4. I am a Standard User and I cannot see all the jobs in the Approval Process. Why?

  • For security reasons, only Admin and Staffing users can see all the jobs in the Approval process.
  • If you are a Standard user and are not selected as an approver for the job, it is hidden from you.

5. Do I have to log into Recruiting to approve or deny a job?

  • No:
    • We have a feature called ECHO, where if you reply #Approve or #Deny to the approval request email, Recruiting automatically adjusts the job approval process accordingly.

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