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Recruiting: Closing the Deal - Leveraging the Offer Stage

Describes how to close the deal for a candidate with an offer.

Here are resources to help you use Recruiting to streamline the process of forming and extending offers.

Accelerating by Offer Sub-Stage:
  1. Initiate Background Checks in Recruiting with Integrated Vendors:
    • Initiate the Background check earlier in your process.
    • Extend User Permissions to authorize users (all users, or specific users) to submit a background check.
  2. Add optional DocuSign Integration.
    Send templated emails for Reference Checks.
  3. Don't miss any details in your Offer Approval form.
  4. Use and edit Offer Letter tokens on the fly to avoid creating dozens of templates.
  5. Extend user permissions to additional team members to help get offers moving faster.

Recruiting Tools:

Watch the Expert Session Video On-Demand: 

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Give feedback about this article
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