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Recruiting: How to Put a Job on Hold

Describes how to put a job or requisition on hold.


In Recruiting, there are two ways to put a job on hold: 

Note: The two options listed here are not mutually exclusive, so you can process both of them together if desired.

1. Change the job's priority to On-Hold on the Job Info Screen

  • This keeps the job externally available.
  • The job is flagged as being on-hold.
  • You see it positioned last in the list on the dashboard like shown here:

2. Stop the job from being posted externally, but keep it active in Recruiting:

  • This stops applicants from being able to apply so you'll stop the candidate inflow.
  • You can continue processing existing candidates for the job in Recruiting.
  • You can also manually add candidates into the job if desired.


  • When you place a job On-Hold, Recruiting still considers the job Active.
  • If you're using Recruiting Analytics, the Days On Hold field displays how long a job has been in the Hold priority.
  • You can find this field on several reports, including the All Jobs Details and Active Jobs Detail reports.   

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Give feedback about this article
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