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Recruiting: Working with iCS Files for Calendar Invitations

Describes how .iCS files are created in Recruiting when an invitation is sent.


  • When a calendar invitation is created in Recruiting, an iCS file is created.
  • On January 15, 2015, Recruiting changed how we send calendar invites due in part to a new feature called Interview Scheduling that allows customers to integrate the scheduling function with either Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. If you want to set upInterview Scheduling for your company, contact Newton Support.
  • Why are .iCS files used? 
    • If we don't use an .iCS file, the recipient receives an invitation with the Accept and Decline buttons. Clicking Accept functions as expected, but if the recipient clicks Decline, no one is notified. 
  • After your company has integrated ATS with Outlook or Gmail (turned on the Interview Scheduling feature):
    • When you use the Interview Scheduling feature to invite one of your co-workers to an interview, the message includes Accept and Decline. Recruiting collects the Accepts and Declines and updates as appropriate.
    • Candidates still receive emails with iCS attachments. These messages do not include Accept or Decline because of the risk that their calendar program fails to send the Decline back to Recruiting.
    • If candidates want to cancel an interview they must email you.


  1. When you send an email to someone with an invitation attached, Recruiting includes an iCS file.
  2. In Outlook, ask the recipient to double click the attachment and Save it to their directory. Outlook adds it to their calendar.

Note: There is no Accept or Decline option. Ask the recipient to contact you if they need to decline the meeting. 


In Gmail, ask the recipient to click Add to Calendar (Gmail automatically inserts it into the calendar).

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