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Recruiting: Information Requests

Explains how to handle Information Requests

This feature allows collection of additional info from candidates already in the system. Click a button, choose a request, and send an easy email!

How does it help?

  • Simplify the application process: Start with a short application to improve your candidates' experience, boosting apply rates and dramatically reducing drop-off rates. You can always request details from top candidates later!
  • Collect applications from passive candidates: You can send an application even if candidates were manually entered into the system. Recruiting automatically associates their application with their existing profile.
  • Collect voluntary EEO info: Even if you do not need a longer application, you can request EEO info from candidates that have otherwise fallen into a compliance gap.

Who can use this feature? Admins, Staffing Users, Hiring Managers, and Executives assigned to a job can use this feature to request additional info from candidates.

For more information, see Recruiting: Information Requests - Usage Guide

To get started, see Recruiting: Information Requests - FAQ & Troubleshooting

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Give feedback about this article
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