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Recruiting: De-Duplicating Candidate Duplications

How to de-dupe duplicate candidates.

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  • Our De-Duplication feature is a fast and reliable way for administrators to consolidate multiple candidate records into one.
  • Standard Users do not have access to perform the de-duplication, but to grant access to designated users, go to the Company Settings section in Recruiting.


Important: De-Duplication results in the deletion of data from Recruiting. This means that both EEO and reporting data for duplicate candidates is removed from Recruiting and leaves only the consolidated candidate record.

See examples of the De-Duplication process: 

  1. Recruiting alerts you when it detects a duplicate candidate:
  2. Starting De-Duplication:
  3. The De-Duplicate popup window displays duplicate candidates for consolidation:
  4. Final Review:
  5. Green check marks indicate data that is kept and red strike-throughs indicate data to be removed:
  6. A comment is created in the Destination Record and includes pre-merge and post-merge data:

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Give feedback about this article
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