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Recruiting: Candidate Type Definitions

Explains Candidate Type Definitions

In general, candidates types under the Passive Candidates heading refer to candidates who might not be proactively searching for a new job. On the other hand, candidates types under the Job Seeker heading refer to candidates who are actively searching for a new job.

Passive Candidate Types:

  • Recruiting Target: These are candidates that you are headhunting. For instance, if you found a good candidate off of LinkedIn and want to see if they're interested in an opening, you can add them manually into Recruiting with a Candidate Type of Recruiting Target, and a Source/Referrer of LinkedIn.
  • Confidential Resume: This pertains to a rarer case with some job boards, where a candidate can upload an anonymous resume (so their current employer does not know they were looking for other roles). The candidate's contact information is hidden, so to contact the candidate, the recruiter must use a specialized "Contact Candidate" type button which links the recruiter to that candidate (think Craigslist's anonymizer emails). If and when that candidate responds, the recruiter can then obtain his/her contact information.
    • Note: The "Confidential Resume" type does not hide the candidate in Recruiting in any way.
  • Employee Lead: These are potential candidates that were identified by a fellow employee. For instance, "An old contact of mine is on the job market and I think he'd be a good fit for the new role you're hiring for! Here's his information."
  • Other: Passive candidates that do not fit in one of the above types.

Job Seeker Candidate Types:

  • Resume Bank: A candidate that was found in a resume repository, e.g., a college resume bank for new graduates.
  • Site Applicant: A candidate that applied organically on your company website. Recruiter automatically sets Candidate Type to "Site Applicant" if a candidate applied without using a tracking link of any kind.
  • Internal Referral: A candidate that was referred by another colleague. Generally, you pair this with a Candidate Source/Referrer of that referring colleague.
  • Gravity Referral: A candidate that applied via a Gravity link. Recruiting automatically sets Candidate Type to "Gravity Referral" with a Source/Referrer of the referring Gravity user's name when a candidate applied via a Gravity link.
  • Posting Response: A candidate that responded to a job board posting, e.g., candidates that apply via an posting. Recruiting automatically sets Candidate Type to "Posting Response" when candidates apply through an integrated job board partner or via a Tracking Link with a Source or Referrer, such as Craigslist.
  • Agency Resume: A candidate that was provided through a recruiting agency. Generally, you want to pair this with a Source/Referrer of that outsourced agency/recruiter or simply use our Agency Manager feature.
  • Other: Job Seeker candidates that do not fit in one of the above types.

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