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Recruiting: Using Job Applications on Careers Pages

Best practices about using job applications.

  • With the Application Builder tool, you can customize your application, create multiple applications, and assign them to different jobs as needed.
  • We make sure it fits your implementation of Recruiting.
  • Here are Recruiting application best practices and recommendations: 

How we view the concept of Applications in Recruiting:

  • Use an Application to collect data that is used to make a hiring decision: 
    • Does the applicant have the minimal qualifications to do the the job?
    • Do not use an application to store sensitive or personal information about a candidate. Recruiting is not System of Record and was not designed to be.
  • Use a background check to confirm this person's identity: 
    • Create a separate process outside of Recruiting, preferred Background Check partners.
    • The reason for this is that you might have users who should not have access to the sensitive information needed to complete a background check.
  • After an applicant is hired: Store sensitive information that might include a more in-depth application with date of birth, social security number (SSN), emergency contact information, etc. outside and off-line from Recruiting for the same reason you don't store background check information in Recruiting.

An application should be used to gather information about a candidate to help you make a decision whether or not a person is a good candidate.

Any other additional information such as a background check or sensitive personal information should be stored in another system of record that has security measures built in.

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Give feedback about this article
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