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Recruiting: Update or Reschedule a Phone Screen or Interview

Describes how to update or reschedule a phone screen or interview in Recruiting.

Important: This article pertains only to customers scheduling interviews and phone screens through Recruiting's Interview Scheduling integration with Outlook and Gmail.

After an interview is scheduled through Recruiting's Interview Scheduler, you can still make updates and changes to the interview by following these steps:

  1. in Recruiting, access the candidate whose interview you want to reschedule or modify.
  2. In the Newsfeed tab, find the comment, Event - Phone Screen / Interview Scheduled, and click the yellow options icon ( ). The Interview Scheduler popup window appears. 
  3. Make any changes as needed and then click Send Updates to save your changes.


  • If you rescheduled the interview, a comment is logged in the Newsfeed and updated invites are sent out to the interviewers.
  • You must Invite the Candidate Again.

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Give feedback about this article
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