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Recruiting: Time Zones

Describes how to customize time zones.

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There are two different levels of time zones in Recruiting: 

  • At the Company Level: 
    • Configurable in your Admin > Company Settings > Address, Time Zone.
    • By default, all users created inherit the time zone associated with their Company's account.
  • At a user's own User Level: 
    • Configurable through your personal Account Info, accessed through the Gears Icon on the top right of Newton.
    • All calendar invitations sent by a user follows the time zone configured in their Account Info. 


  • Calendar invitations are sent out as .iCal files (the default Calendar file that most scheduling software uses, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Apple Mail, etc. 
  • Recipients receive the .iCal file automatically converted to the recipient's default Time Zone. For example, if a user has their Time Zone set to Pacific Time (PT) and sends a Calendar Invitation for a noon meeting and the recipient has a Gmail account with Mountain Time (MT) selected, then the recipient receives a meeting request for 1:00 PM MT.

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