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Recruiting: Support Contact Information

Contact information for Recruiting Support for customers with questions related to Paycor Recruiting software (formerly Newton ATS).

Recruiting Support is available Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM ET to 6:00 PM ET. Two support channels are available for customers: 

  • Recruiting Support Team: This team provides technical and educational support for applicant tracking clients.
  • Recruiting Billing Support Team: Standalone ATS customers with billing-specific questions or cancellations.
  • Standalone Recruiting + Onboarding -- Onboarding Support
    • Phone: (415) 593-1189 and choose option 2 for Onboarding Support.
    • You will not need a Client ID to receive support.


Recruiting Support SLA: 

  • 84% of all customer requests are resolved within 1 business day, and those requests are almost always resolved on the same day they're received.

Paycor Recruit & Hire powered by Jazz HR: 

Requests Outside of Recruiting Support: 
  • If customers have requests outside of Recruiting Support (for other Paycor products), direct them to the Paycor Support Center to for live chat, or they can call (855) 565-3285.

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Give feedback about this article
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