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Recruiting: Solving Difficulties Submitting an Application

How to assist candidates having difficulties applying.

From time to time an applicant might reach out to you because they are having difficulty applying.

In these cases, always contact Recruiting Support so we can look into your application and Careers page.

Requested Information for Support Tickets:

  • To help us identify potential issues, include as much of this information as you can when submitting a support ticket:
    • Do you have the browser/system information from any of the candidates that had issues applying?
    • What job did they apply for?
    • Do you know how they found the job? For example, did they find it organically on your website, or were they linked from a third party site like LinkedIn or Indeed?
    • Screenshots demonstrating what the error or problem is.


  • Application issues can be difficult to troubleshoot due to all the local variables in play. For example, the applicant might be behind a corporate firewall that inhibits certain site functions or installed browser plugins which interfere with the site. 
  • Our initial testing can usually indicate whether or not it is a local (applicant-side) issue, but without further information it's difficult to be certain. This is why including as much detail as possible is ideal. Typically with local issues, having the applicant re-apply using a different browser or fully restarting their existing browser fixes the issue.
  • If a candidate calls or emails you complaining of an application issue, we are happy to work directly with the candidate to figure out what might be going on. Feel free to offer that as an option or give them our Recruiting Support Email.  

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Give feedback about this article
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