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Recruiting: Sending Bulk Thank You Letters

Describes how to send Thank You Letters in bulk when a job has been closed or filled.

If you have a job that was closed or filled, you might want to send all the candidates who applied to that job a Thank You Letter. Rather than inactivating and sending each candidate a Thank You Letter individually, you can inactivate and send Thank You Letters to all candidates at one time. 

Important: You cannot send Thank You Letters in bulk if a job is still in the Active status

Follow these steps to send Thank You Letters in bulk:

  1. In Recruiting, mark the job as Closed or Filled.
  2. From anywhere in Recruiting, click that Job Title, which displays the Candidate Breakdown screen.
  3. At the top of the screen is a warning message, This job was Closed (MM/DD/YYYY). You may inactivate the remaining candidates by clicking here. Click the link.
  4. Inactivate the candidates.
  5. Candidates inactivated in this manner are stored in the Pending Thank You Letter section on your Home Dashboard. Access the Pending Thank You Letter section to send the candidates Thank You Letters in bulk.

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Give feedback about this article
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