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Recruiting: Post Jobs on LinkedIn for Free with their Limited Postings

Describes how to post your jobs on LinkedIn for free with LinkedIn's limited postings.

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We partner with LinkedIn to offer free Limited Postings on their site.

Once your LinkedIn Company ID is entered in Recruiting, your team can proceed to automatically post your active jobs to LinkedIn.

Your jobs will not be sent to LinkedIn to be posted unless you enter your LinkedIn Company ID first!

Your jobs will be automatically posted to LinkedIn as Limited Postings whenever you activate a job in Recruiting. If a job has not yet been posted to LinkedIn, then you can do so by taking these steps:

  • Open the Job Info window for one of your active job records
  • Select the Job Promotion tab
  • Click the Promote link next to the LinkedIn - Limited Posting option.
  • The job details automatically flow to LinkedIn to create the posting on their site
    • Note: It can take up to 24 hours for a new job (or updates to an existing job) to post.


  • You can find Limited Postings by searching on LinkedIn or going directly to your LinkedIn Company Profile
  • Limited Postings are different from premium posting in two ways:
    • They will be prioritized beneath premium postings on searches, meaning if someone does a search for "Project Manager" positions in your area, any premium Project Manager positions would show up on the search above limited Project Manager positions.
    • They will not be actively suggested to job seekers on LinkedIn, meaning if someone applies for an "Office Manager" position on LinkedIn, LinkedIn may suggest premium similar "Office Manager" positions in the area via Job Recommendation emails, alerts, etc., but they won't suggest any limited "Office Manager" positions.
  • Paid job postings can be purchased through LinkedIn directly. 
  • To capture candidates in Recruiting from a paid posting, a Tracking Link must be used. 

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Give feedback about this article
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