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Recruiting: Paycor eSignatures

Describes how Paycor Recruiting Customer Admin users can enable eSignatues.


  • The Offer Letter feature in Paycor Recruiting allows customers to easily create and send offer letters to their candidates electronically.
  • However, the only option customers had for their candidates to electronically sign the offer letters was to establish an integration with DocuSign as well.

New Paycor eSignature Feature:

  • The new Paycor eSignature feature introduces a native electronic signature tool that customers can leverage for free when sending offer letters to candidates from the system.
  • Follow these steps to enable the eSignature:
  1. In Paycor Recruiting, when activating Offer Letters for their company, users with the Customer Admin role:
    • Click the Approvals tab.
    • In the Signing Offer Letters section, select the Paycor e-Signature (recommended) option.
      Important: This will be the new default setting for customers activating the feature for the first time.
  2. Once activated, customers can proceed with the Offer Letter Creation workflow. Make sure to include the required signature tokens on the Offer Letter! The required tokens are {OFFER EXPIRATION DATE}, {CANDIDATE SIGNATURE} & {CANDIDATE SIGNED DATE} 
  3. When they reach the final step (Save & Send), an email is automatically sent to the candidate inviting them to sign their offer letter electronically. As a note, the Paycor eSignature feature does not support having a Company Signer on the document. 
  4. When they follow the link in that email, a new window appears for them to review the offer and complete their electronic signature. 
  5. Upon completion of the electronic signature:
    • The candidate's record is updated to with a new status and the signed offer letter document.
    • The candidate receives a confirmation email that contains a signed copy of their offer letter and any attachments that were included with the offer letter.

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Give feedback about this article
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