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Recruiting: Offer Letter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Troubleshooting

FAQ about the Offer Letters feature and troubleshooting issues.

1. How much does the Offer Letters feature cost?

  • There is no additional cost from Recruiting to use the Offer Letters feature.
  • If you want to use electronic signatures via DocuSign, they charge a fee for sending and receiving documents. This fee is from DocuSign and has no relationship to your regular billing for Recruiting.

2. Can I use the Offer Letters feature without DocuSign?

  • Yes, connecting to DocuSign for electronic signatures is completely optional. Your company can generate an unlimited number of Offer Letters in Recruiting without DocuSign integration.

3. Do you have any tips on formatting Offer Letters?

  • Include extra line breaks above signature tokens if you are using DocuSign so signatures have enough space to appear correctly on the final document.
  • Feel free to change the formatting and tokens as needed.
  • Many customers like to modify an existing company Offer Letter with tokens to keep all of their formatting, styling, and images.

4. Can I collect Social Security Numbers (SSN), dates of birth (DOB), or driver's license numbers?

  • Per your terms of service with Recruiting, some personally identifiable information (PII),including but not limited to Social Security Numbers, Dates of Birth, and Driver's License Numbers, cannot be collected or stored by Recruiting.
  • Collection of that info should be handled only by your onboarding or background check provider.

5. Does Recruiting work with other electronic signature providers like AdobeSign?

  • Unfortunately, Recruiting does not currently have an integration with other electronic signature providers.
  • Contact Recruiting Support if you have specific suggestions. We can let our developers know what customers are interested in.

6. Why is Recruiting rejecting my valid DocuSign login credentials?

  • Recruiting requires a DocuSign administrator account for Offer Letters to work correctly.
  • If you are entering credentials for a non-admin account in DocuSign, you receive an error message. Instead, get credentials for a DocuSign admin account and enter those.

7. How do I change or disconnect the linked DocuSign account? 

  1. In Perform, click Admin.
  2. Click Approvals.
  3. Under Offer Letters, click Settings.
  4. Click Change Account or Disconnect Account.

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