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Recruiting: Multiple Locations for the Same Job

Multiple Locations for the Same Job

Best Practice: Create Separate Jobs Postings for Separate Locations

  • When you have the same job open for multiple locations, such as you are hiring for a Sales Executive position in your Toronto, Boston and Chicago locations, a best practice is to create individualized job postings for each location.
  • This means that each location has their own group of candidates.

Alternative Method: Create One Job Posting with Multiple Location Options

  • When a job opening can be filled in a number of cities, such as you are looking for a Sales Executive role that could work out of a number of locations (Toronto, Boston or Chicago), then you can create a location with all of the possible locations (Toronto, Boston, or Chicago). 
  • For the job to be posted to Indeed and LinkedIn, a single zip code must be assigned to that location because Indeed and LinkedIn search based on zip codes and there currently isn't a way for either site to accommodate a job posting with multiple zip codes.

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Give feedback about this article
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