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Recruiting: Jobs Not Posted on Indeed

Describes why jobs might not be posted on Indeed as expected.


There are many reasons a job might not be posted to Indeed. In most cases, when Recruiting sends your job to Indeed, it can be filtered or blocked based on Indeed's own posting policies.

Here are the top causes for delays: 

  • If the job is too new, it still takes time to appear on Indeed. Your job is added to your Careers Page right away, but could take up to 12 hours to appear or refresh on Indeed.
  • The job is listed with a location that is a region rather than a specific city. For example, South Florida instead of Miami, Florida.
  • A signing bonus or pay amount is included in the job title. Indeed considers these to be spam posts and removes them for quality assurance. Putting marketing language like "apply now," "urgent need," or "signing bonus" could flag the job as spammy. Indeed wants the job title to appear just like it would on a business card for that role.
  • The application process violates a state or federal regulation. For example asking about criminal history, age, or salary history in locations where those questions are not permitted.
  • The job description or application process requests Personally Identifiable Information from the candidate, see Indeed Policy Page
  • The job is old enough it has been removed or no longer appears in searches. For more information, see Refreshing Job Postings to fix this problem. 
  • Your application contains questions/fields for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like date of birth, SSN, driver's license number, etc. 
  • Your application contains links that redirect the candidate off of the application to a different site (for example, do an assessment or a policy document for your company).
    • We recommend these be placed in the Thank You for Applying email that a candidate will receive after their application is submitted.

What are Indeed's rules for job postings? 
Indeed has an Employer Help Center that lists out several reasons why a job might not be posted. 

Guides for Creating Job Postings

These guides are provided by Indeed to help customers create the perfect job postings and maximize applicant volume: 

What should I do if it still isn't posted?

  • Our partners at Indeed have asked that customers contact them directly to ensure the fastest resolution possible.
  • The Indeed team investigates what exactly is preventing your job from being posted.

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