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Recruiting: How to Assign Users to Jobs

How to assign users to jobs.


A key part of making your hiring easier is making sure that the right people are assigned to the right job postings.

To assign a user:

  1. Open the Job Info screen and select the appropriate roles to assign select users from:
    • Hiring Managers Recruiters: Are the key managers of the job.
    • Executives: Are typically supervisors who want oversight over hiring, but do not necessarily want to manage the job nor receive regular notifications about jobs and candidates.
    • Team Members: Are usually employees who have insight into the job but no authorization to view budget information.

  2. When the popup window appears, find and select users and click Save
    • Checkmarks indicate users who are assigned to the job. If someone is missing, Administrators and Staffing Users can click Create a New User to add a new user.
    • Once someone is assigned to the job as Hiring Manager or Recruiter, they will see it appear under the My Jobs tab on their Home Dashboard. Executives and Team Members will see it appear on separate tabs, making job management much easier.
  3. To assign users to jobs in bulk, see Bulk Actions - Assign Users to Jobs in Bulk .

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Give feedback about this article
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