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Recruiting: Gravity - Usage Guide for Employees

Gravity - Usage Guide for Employees


How do I log into Gravity?

Sign up for The Gravity App with your preferred social network (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Amazon, Google). When prompted, enter your company email address that contains your company domain to verify your identity.

How do I share jobs?

Click the first panel “Share Jobs” which brings you to a list of all of the open jobs at your company. At the top of the page, you can choose to view these jobs by Department or Location.

Click the job you want to share. You can review the job description, and when you want to share the job with one or more of your networks, click the corresponding button. A small window opens up with an auto-generated post. If you have not signed into this network through Gravity before, you are asked to sign in. You can edit the post if you’d like. Depending on the social network you’ve selected, you might be able to share with a group, an individual, or your whole network. You can adjust any of the other posting settings you want. Click “Share” to automatically post to your selected network!

Once completed, you can see the number of times you’ve shared this job on a given social network noted on the button itself.

What are My Stats?

The My Stats panel is handy if your HR team has set up a point system for sharing jobs. Many companies choose to use Gravity as a way to assign point values for different actions you take in Gravity that might help them make a hire. You can view how you have earned points in Gravity here. You can also see How Points are Earned on this page.

What is the Leaderboard?

If your HR team has created a point system, you can see where you stand against your fellow colleagues this month! Many companies choose to provide a reward based on these points. Check with your HR contact to see if they reward you for being at the top of the leaderboard!

What if I don’t have a company email address?

Your Gravity Admin can generate a link to provide you with to log in if you do not have an email address with your company domain.

Recruiting: Gravity - FAQ & Troubleshooting

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