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Recruiting: Customize Generic Application Submissions Text

Describes how to customize the default application submissions text in Recruiting.

  • Your Administrators can modify the generic application submission text to best suit the needs of your organization.
  • This is the text that appears at the bottom of your job listings if you have the Allow Candidates to Submit Generic Applications feature enabled.

Important: You must be Administrator to perform this task. 

Follow these steps to modify the generic application submissions text:

  1. In Recruiting, click AdminCareers Page, and then click the Settings tab. 
  2. In the Allow People to submit a resume without selecting a job field, modify the existing text accordingly.
  3. Click Save.


  • Do not edit the text in the Apply Link token ({APPLY LINK - TEXT:CLICKING HERE}). Editing this text inactivates the token and your generic candidates cannot submit their applications.
  • The text box is HTML enabled, so your Admins can make formatting updates to this text using HTML tags, such as, <br>, <p></p>, <h2></h2>, etc.

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Give feedback about this article
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