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Recruiting: Candidate Hiding - Stop Users from Seeing Every Job Posting and Candidate

Describes candidate hiding.


  • The default behavior in Recruiting allows your standard users, such as Hiring Managers, to see jobs they are not assigned to on a separate tab of the dashboard: Other Jobs
  • Though they can see these jobs, the candidates’ news feeds (comments, interview notes) on these jobs are hidden.


  • This does not prevent users from simply going to your company careers page to see what jobs have been posted.
  • We highly recommend you do not enable this setting because Recruiting hides all the candidates unless the person is assigned to the same job as the candidate.

To configure Recruiting so standard users cannot see jobs and candidates they are not assigned to:

  1. In Recruiting, click Admin, select Company Settings, and then click Candidate Hiding
  2. Mark the check box next to Hide ALL Candidates from Standard Users

Note: This is a company-wide setting which prevents standard users from seeing both of these:

  • All candidates for a job they are not also assigned to
  • All jobs they are not assigned to.

Notes when this setting is enabled:

  • Your Hiring Managers and Executives cannot find other candidates using Candidate Search, which might cause them to think Recruiting is broken.
  • The Other Jobs tab on the home page is disabled.

Note: Your users are not informed that they lack permission to view this information.

  • The Candidate Breakdown screen for Other jobs is empty.

Note: Your users are informed they lack permission to view this information.

  • Standard Users cannot view the All Data analytics report.

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Give feedback about this article
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