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Recruiting: Apply with Indeed

Describes how to apply for jobs using Indeed Apply in Recruiting.



  • Indeed Apply allows job seekers to apply to jobs in seconds on desktop and mobile devices using an Indeed Resume or a traditional resume file. If you have an application associated with that job, Indeed Apply presents the applicant with those application questions too. 
  • With more than one million new resumes being added to Indeed every month, an increasing number of people can apply easily using an Indeed Resume on any smartphone or tablet.
  • Applications are sent to you through your Recruiting.
  • Jobs are clearly labeled in Indeed’s search results to let job seekers know which jobs have this easy application method.
  • When candidates apply for one of your jobs, they have the option to either apply directly on your careers page, or through Indeed. Candidates can apply through Indeed in one of these ways:
    • Apply to a job posting directly on through an Indeed Apply button (requires the job be posted on Indeed).
    • Apply for a job directly on your careers page through Indeed via an Indeed widget embedded on your careers page.
  • A major advantage of applying through Indeed is that it allows applicants to use the resume already uploaded on their Indeed account for the job application, which is great for applicants when they don't have immediate access to their resume.


Important: You must be an Administrator to perform this task. 

  1. In Recruiting, click Admin and click Company Settings
  2. Next to Indeed Integration, click the toggle to ON.

Note: If you have questions contact Recruiting Support . 


  1. Job ads hosted on Indeed display an Indeed Apply button: 
    • Applicants click the button and see and progress through your application.
    • They never have to leave to submit an application for your job.
  2. On your Careers page, an Apply with Indeed button on each job description appears: Applicants click the button to begin applying via Indeed.
    Note: Internal Job Postings do not display the Apply with Indeed button.
  3. After clicking Apply with Indeed, a popup window from Indeed appears asking applicants to enter their First Name, Last Name, and Email. Optionally, they can also sign into their Indeed account which gives them the ability to use the resume they uploaded to their Indeed account.
  4. After continuing on, applicants must complete the full application as specified by your admin team.
    • Complete the same application questions when using Indeed Apply as if they had applied directly to Indeed.
    • The only difference is that the application questions are presented in the popup window rather than on a separate web page.
  5. After completing the application and clicking the Apply button, a message from Indeed appears stating the application has been submitted. If applicants click the Continue button from here, they return to your company's Careers page and see the Thanks for Applying message.
  6. After completing an application via Indeed, applicants could receive up to two emails:
    • An email from Indeed confirming submission.
    • And email from your company based on the Thanks for Applying Email Template.


  • When uploading a resume, Indeed automatically parses out some information into the application. For example, if a phone number is detected in the resume, it automatically populates into fields named Phone.
  • In some cases, the automatic parsing might not be appropriate. For example, if you are asking for a Reference's Phone Number, Indeed might automatically add the applicant's phone number from the resume into that field.

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Give feedback about this article
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