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Recruiting: Analytics and Reporting Overview

Describes the analytics and reporting feature in Recruiting.


  • The Analytics and Reporting feature in Recruiting helps you determine how successful your efforts are and identifies ways to improve your recruiting processes. 
  • We’ve made it easy to capture important data and create helpful reports for you and your team to measure the success of your recruiting efforts.
  • All Recruiting users have access to the Analytics tab, but only Admin and Staffing Users can run reports in Recruiting.
  • Don’t worry if you need to improve your Recruiting skills. Analytics can identify bottlenecks and identify opportunities for improving processes. 
  • We encourage you to start running reports and take a look at your Analytics dashboard.
  • As you get more experienced with Analytics and Reporting, when you have questions or need assistance, contact Recruiting Support - we are happy to help you take your reporting to the next level.

Important: Your data is only as good as the information you enter in Recruiting. This means if you are not moving your candidates through the appropriate stages, you cannot see it reflected in Analytics and Reporting. The more you use Recruiting, the more data you have available to report on.


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Review this introduction session to help you get started with the analytics and reporting functionality in Recruiting: 

Note: The Analytics and Reporting user interface has been updated since the recording of this video.

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Give feedback about this article
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