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Recruiting: Aggregator Page - Setup

Explains how to setup aggregator page

1. How do we get this feature turned on?

  • Contact Support. Remember to mention all companies that must appear on the Aggregator Page together! Our team can set up the necessary relationships for you.

2. How do I start using this feature?

First, get in touch with your organization's web developer—someone who can administers the company website and edit code. They must create a new page on your company website and give you the URL of that page.

Go to Admin > Aggregator Page. Enter the URL for Aggregator Page URL and Save.

Next, copy the IFrame Code and give it to your web developer! They place the code on the new page. This creates the new Aggregator Page.

When that is completed, review the customization options. These are the most useful ones:

  • Feeds and External Job Board Links governs whether applicants are directed to the careers page of the business unit or the aggregator page when accessing jobs from a Recruiting feed or external job board.
  • How Jobs are Displayed on Your Aggregator Page allows fine control over how the business units in your company group are referred to, e.g. franchise, subsidiary, sub-company, region, etc. You can choose exactly how jobs are organized and grouped.
  • Hosting Settings stays on Use an IFrame unless your company wants to fully customize every aspect of the Aggregator Page. This requires your web developer to do some coding. Contact Support if you are interested in more info on this option.
  • Mobile Settings stay on Responsive mode. If your company website does not support mobile devices, you can switch to Push mobile.
  • Allow People to submit a resume without selecting a job governs generic submissions on the Aggregator Page and the specific verbiage which appears with the generic submission link.
  • CSS Style allows CSS styling to be applied to the IFrame contents. Contact Support if you need help with applying some styling code.
  • Landing Page Text appears on the landing page for the Aggregator Page. It will not appear with job descriptions.

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