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Recruiting: ​​​​​​​Create Shortened Tracking Links for Job Descriptions

Describes how to c​​​​reate shortened tracking links for your job descriptions.


  • Recruiting's default tracking links can be pretty long. If you want shorter links, Recruiting has a built-in link shortener to use whenever you generate a Tracking Link.
  • This provides you with a short link that you can post wherever you would normally post a tracking link, such as on a job board.
  • If you post your jobs in print media or print ads, we strongly recommend using these shortened links because it is a lot easier to type in.
  • Shortened links are more manageable, take up less space (important for social media), and ultimately promote more sharing of your jobs.
  • Recruiting offers link shortening for tracking links and for Gravity referral links shared on Twitter.
  1. Create a Tracking Link. as you normally do.
  2. In the Tracking Link popup window, click Show Short Links.
  3. If your organization uses our Gravity app, we automatically shorten the job links generated for Twitter since you're limited to tweets up to 140 characters long. The shortened link looks something like, shown in this sample image:


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Give feedback about this article
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