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How Do I Create and Use Offer Letter Tokens in Paycor Recruiting?

Describes how administrators can use Offer Letter Tokens and how to create custom Offer Letter Tokens in Paycor Recruiting.


Tokens can be added to offer letter templates to automate the customization of the offer letters you send out. 

You can easily copy and paste tokens from the Offer Letter Tokens list into your offer letter template and the system will automatically replace those tokens with the relevant information. 

We also provide a sample offer letter template with pre-built tokens in Paycor Recruiting that align to areas related to company, signer, candidate, job, and compensation.

Paycor Recruiting also allows the capability for administrators to create custom tokens for usage on your offer letter templates. 

Any tokens that you add will be added to the Offer Letter Token List at the bottom of the page that lists all tokens under Custom Tokens.

Where to Start

To access offer letter tokens, go to Paycor Recruiting > Approvals > Offer Letters > Offer Letter Tokens.

How Do I Create an Offer Letter Token? 

1. In Paycor Recruiting, go to Admin > Approvals > Offer Letters > Offer Letter Tokens and click the Create a New Custom Token button. The Create a Custom Token popup appears. 

2. In the popup complete each of these fields and click Save

  • Name: The name of the token inserted into your offer letter templates.
  • Summary: Provide a brief explanation of how the token should be used.
  • Default Text: 
    • This is the text that will be inserted into an offer letter wherever the token appears. 
    • This default text is easily editable when preparing an offer letter for a candidate.

Example: This screenshot above for a custom token called Background Checks to use in your offer letters.

After you create a new token: 

  • The new custom offer letter token appears in your Offer Letter Token library.

How Do I Add A Custom Token to an Offer Letter? 

Now that you successfully created an offer letter token, you can add this custom token to an offer letter template and upload it to Paycor Recruiting for using at the offer letter stage.

1. Go to Admin > Approvals > Offer Letters Templates and select a template. In this screenshot, we're using the sample offer letter template and inserting the custom token, Background Checks:

  • Where you want to insert a custom token, use these brackets [ and ] to surround the title of the custom token. 
  • In this example, it's [Background Checks].

Note: Pre-built tokens use these symbols { and }.

2. When the template is uploaded, it is ready to be used for an offer letter to a candidate. 

3. Following the offer approval and going into creating the offer letter, select your offer letter that includes the custom offer letter token.

4. Any custom offer letter tokens that you use appear at the bottom of the offer letter form page under Additional Details.

5. If the blue toggle  is on, this will include the custom offer token with the default text. 

  • You will find the included custom offer token default text when you click Preview in the offer letter document viewer. 
  • In the screenshot below, both Background Check and Relocation custom offer tokens are turned on and appear on the offer.
  • The red box indicates specifically the custom Background Check token:

6. If you toggle a custom token off and it turns grey , it will no longer be included on that offer letter token. 

  • Example: Tggling off the Background Checks offer letter token but leaving on the Relocation custom offer letter token will remove all language of Background Checks but leave the Relocation text.

7. When looking at the offer letter preview, you will also see it removed.

8. When choosing which custom offer letter tokens you would like to use in an offer letter, while the default text is provided, you can update it to any wording.

9. When you’ve made any changes to the default text for that offer token, you can view how those changes will appear in the same place where the token was placed in your offer letter template.

10. When you finish editing any of the offer details, make sure all other areas of your offer letter form are completed and proceed with the next steps of sending the offer letter to the candidate.

Need Assistance?
If you have any questions on setting up custom offer letter tokens, contact Recruiting Support at

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