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Recruiting: Make your Careers Page and App Mobile Friendly

Describes how to make your careers page and app mobile friendly.


  • Mobile devices account for more and more of overall web traffic every day and making sure your website is mobile-friendly and designed to be responsive is more important now than ever.
  • Regardless of how your organization's website is designed, Recruiting enables you to make your careers page and application mobile-friendly.


  • Customers on the latest version of our Careers Page and Application UI - either a Careers Hosted Page or an IFrame with the single-line IFrame code - can expect to implement this easily in just a few minutes by contacting Recruiting Support. The majority of customers have this experience. 
  • Customers on an older version of the Careers Page and Application UI require a code change and can expect a longer implementation, and it might require additional resources to set up. If you are unsure, or do not see the settings described here, contact  Recruiting Support for assistance


Important: You must be an Administrator to perform this task.

  1. In Recruiting, click Admin and then click Careers Page.
  2. On the left side, in the Mobile Settings section, select one of these options: 
    • Do not use mobile: 
      • This is the default setting.
      • This option does nothing to enable responsiveness (Mobile Apply is disabled).
    • Responsive Mobile: 
      • This option modifies the Recruiting content on your careers page and application to be responsive.
      • Choose this option if your overall website is already designed to be responsive.
      • Unsure if your website is responsive? An easy way to tell is to view it on a mobile device to see if it looks different than on a larger laptop/desktop screen. You can also load up your website on your computer, then resize the browser window down to the size of a mobile device. If the layout changes or navigation bars collapse down, chances are your site is responsive.
      • Here's an example of a responsive web page.
    • Push Mobile: 
      • This option completely takes over the page by redirecting to a mobile experience built from scratch. All company-specific content is replaced by a standardized version with headers, footers and a cascading style sheet (CSS) that provides users with a clean, responsive experience.
      • On IFrame sites, applicants are redirected out of the IFrame.
      • Choose this option if your overall website is not yet responsively designed.
    • Prompt to Redirect:
      • Select this option if you want to ask applicants whether or not they want to be redirected to the mobile version of the careers page.
      • If it is left unchecked, the applicant is automatically redirected.


Responsive Mobile Option Screenshots:

Note: The branded header comes from parent page.

Push Mobile Option Screenshots:

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Give feedback about this article
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