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Recruiting: Verify Your From Email Address

Describes how to verify and change the From email address in Recruiting.

  • In Recruiting, users can change the email address they use to send emails and messages.
  • If this email address is different from the login name, Recruiting requires users to verify the address and make sure they do have permission to send emails from it.
    1. In Recruiting, at the top-right, click the Gear icon, and in the menu, select Message Settings
    2. In the My Settings section, click Email Address and Signature
    3. On the right, in the Sender Email Address field, enter the From address you want to use.

How do I verify a different email address?

  • After you update your address in Email Settings, Recruiting sends a verification email to that address.
  • Click the link in the message to start sending emails from that address.

Can we prevent users from changing this address?

To disable this option and make sure your users are only sending from the address they login with, contact Recruiting Support.

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Give feedback about this article
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