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Recruiting: Troubleshooting Recruiting Status Update Errors in Paycor

This article describes how to troubleshoot error messages in Recruiting active job and candidate status update fields in Paycor.

Paycor (Perform) includes quick status update fields the active jobs and candidates you manage in Paycor Recruiting.

It is designed specifically for Hiring Managers and Administrators assigned directly to the jobs they are currently recruiting for.

If you or one of your users see an error message in one of these fields, follow these steps to troubleshoot it:

Important: First make sure the user is an active user in both Paycor Recruiting and Paycor and then:

  1. In Paycor (Perform), verify both of these: 
    • Paycor email address matches the Recruiting Single-Sign-On (SSO) email address.
    • Recruiting SSO is enabled.
  2. In Paycor Recruiting, verify the Paycor (Perform) email address matches the email assigned to the user record.
  3. If the fields you reviewed in Steps 1 and 2 are enabled correctly and the user still cannot see their jobs or log in, review these scenarios to troubleshoot the error:
Is the user a Hiring Manager or Administrator in Recruiting and assigned to an active job?

Verify the user's role:

  • Users must be assigned a Hiring Manager or an Administrator role to be able to see job and candidate information.
  • Users is assigned a Team Member or an Executive role do not see job and candidate information.
  • Consider the user's access to view budget and salary information before upgrading their assignment status on a job. 


  • Although jobs or offer statuses do not appear, the Manage Recruiting link on the top-right should still function.
  • If SSO is setup correctly and Steps 1 and 2are correct, users can access Paycor Recruiting this way or by going to Employees > Manage Recruiting.
Is the user part of a currently Active Offer Approval Flow? 
  • The user must be part of an active offer approval to see the offers and their statuses.
  • If notno offers appear on the Offers tab. 
Is the user assigned to Multiple Client IDs in Paycor (Perform)? 
  • If yes, make sure the settings above are assigned to each of those Client IDs. 
Did the user recently update or change their email address? 
  • If yesdisable and then re-enable the Recruiting SSO in the user’s profile. 
Are there multiple Paycor (Perform) User accounts for this single user? 
  • Make sure of both:
    • The account they are trying to access Paycor Recruiting with matches their Paycor (Perform) user account.
    • They are logged into the correct account.  

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