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Recruiting: Text Messaging - Introduction / Overview

Text Messaging Introduction and Overview.


In today’s candidate-driven environment, applicants are looking for employers who connect instantly. And in the spirit of instant-gratification, we plugged our Candidate Texting service right into our marketplace so you can begin using it as soon as possible. 

Texting candidates can bring your response times from days or hours to minutes or seconds. In fact, most candidates reply within 30 minutes. It is a faster and more reliable way to communicate that allows you to completely avoid spam email folders and full voice mailboxes. 


When it comes to communicating with candidates, we understand that your process is unique and there might be a number of different people driving communications via email, phone calls, and, now, text messages. Our plans are designed to be flexible and unlimited to cater to your organization’s requirements. Pricing information can be found under the Marketplace tab in Recruiting. 


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Give feedback about this article
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