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Recruiting: Standard User Site Applicant Alert Settings

Describes how administrators can access and modify the setting for Standard Users in bulk.


  • The Email Me Site Applicants for My Jobs alert is available for all users in Recruiting.
  • Historically, administrators were required to turn this alert on or off for their Standard Users in each individual user record.
  • Now, you can access and modify this setting for your Standard Users in bulk.

Follow these steps to access and modify the site applicant alert settings for Standard Users in bulk: 

  1. In Recruiting, click ADMIN. 
  2. Click Company Settings. The Company Settings menu appears. 
  3. Click Standard User Site Applicant Alerts. The screen updates.
  4. Turn on or off the standard site applicant alerts.
  5. Click Save.


  • After this setting is enabled, all Standard Users are notified of applications to jobs they are assigned to.
  • Additionally, all newly created Standard Users have the site applicant alert setting turned on by default.

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Give feedback about this article
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