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Recruiting: Reasons for Non-Selection

Shows how to access, edit and add reasons for non-selection

How can I edit or add reasons for Non-selection?
In recruiting, you have the option to use and create 'reasons for Non-Selection'. These reasons help you keep dispositioned candidates organized. These reasons for non selection flow into your EEO/OFCCP logs so you can report on them whenever you want.

Note: Once entered, Reasons cannot be edited, only deleted.

Create a new Reason for Non-Selection

  • Navigate to Admin > EEO/OFCCP > Settings > Create/Edit Reasons for Non-Selection.
  • Every reason requires a 'Summary' (or category) - Populate the 'Summary' and 'Reason' fields, and then click 'Add.'

Non-editable reasons
There are certain reasons in the system that cannot be edited or deleted. These are listed at the bottom of the 'Reasons for Non-Selection' list and are grayed out.

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Give feedback about this article
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