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Recruiting: Paycor Termination Flow

Describes how to terminate an employee.

What is a Termination Flow? Recruiting has worked closely with the teams at Paycor to setup a termination flow which will automatically create a Draft Job in Recruiting when an employee is terminated in Paycor.

Who does this apply to? Customers who are also using Paycor for their HCM needs.

Can I prevent a draft job from being created? Yes, here is how: 

  1. During the employee termination process (under Manage Employees in Paycor), a question appears, Would you like to add this job to the Draft Jobs area of Perform ATS?
  2. Select No to prevent the draft job from being created automatically.

How will I know that a draft job was created?

  • Recruiting Administrator users receive an alert email letting them know that the job was created.
  • When the draft job is opened in Recruiting, termination details provided from Recruiting appear.

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Give feedback about this article
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