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Recruiting: Onboarding - Getting Started

Getting started in Recruiting.

  • There is no pre-work necessary. You can begin set-up right away.
  • Set up a customized Welcome Message to work as a personal greeting that can provide additional details necessary for a pending new hire.
  • Add Documents that should be read and acknowledged prior to starting work.
  • Create Onboarding Groups to control what documents a pending new hire should actually see.
  • Modify the Wizard Configuration to quickly exclude pages, mark fields required (or remove fields), and add Helpful Links on any page for the new hire.


  • At least one Onboarding Group is required, which allows you to organize which documents are assigned to each employee.
  • Work Location setup is recommended if your company has multiple locations. (This helps ensure that proper tax forms are provided during onboarding.)

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Onboarding Training

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Give feedback about this article
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