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Recruiting: Job Templates

Describes how to use the new Job Templates feature in Paycor Recruiting.

Many times you find yourself creating similar job postings over time when you look to hire new employees for existing roles in their organization. The new Job Templates feature enables an Admin to create a library of Job Templates that can be used to pre-populate the relevant fields when creating or requesting these types of jobs in the system.

Follow these steps to create Job Templates:

  1. An Admin or Staffing User navigates to Admin > Job Management > Job Templates to create, edit, or delete job templates in the system:
  2. Boththe Job Title and Job Description fields are required to create or edit a job template in the system.
  3. All other fields are optional.
  4. For more information, see How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generated Job Descriptions
  5. Select a job template when creating a new job record or submitting a new job approval request. After saving a job template selection, the relevant fields on the screen are updated with the values from the job template.

Create Job Templates on the Fly

  1. Navigate to an existing job record and click the More Info icon to open the Job Info window
  2. Click the option titled Create a Job Template
  3. You will be navigated to the Create a New Template screen. All of the relevant job fields will be auto-populated with the values from the original job record.
  4. Review and make changes to the values in the template fields as needed, and then click Save to add the new Job Template

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Give feedback about this article
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