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Recruiting: Internet Explorer

Explains Best Practices, Current Support and Alternative Options for Internet Explorer

Best Practices

Microsoft (creator of Internet Explorer) has created an updated, modern web browser to replace Internet Explorer. While they have not deprecated this yet, their website contains many references to upgrading to Microsoft Edge.

A variety of third-party benchmark testing indicates that Internet Explorer consistently performs worse than any other modern browser. Upgrading to Microsoft Edge can certainly improve performance with Recruiting and any other cloud software.

Current Support

We do not currently have a plan to discontinue our support for Internet Explorer, but there will be a point where we cannot introduce new features for customers still using Internet Explorer.

Alternative Options

Microsoft has introduced Edge, a browser intended to replace Internet Explorer wherever possible. There are also a number of safe and free alternatives, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. In fact, an overwhelming majority of customers use Google Chrome.

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Give feedback about this article
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