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Recruiting: Home Dashboard Overview for Administrators

Overview of the Recruiting Home Dashboard for administrators.


The Recruiting Home Dashboard is the air traffic controller for your hiring process:

  • Provides an overview of all of the active candidates by job and priority (Priority is listed vertically on the far left).
  • Seamlessly keeps track of multiple rounds of Phone Screens and Interviews.
  • Job Seeker bucket (third bucket down in a job's lane) allows you to easily spot your New Applicants.

Keep track of what you need to do:

  • Review Requests from any page in Recruiting.
  • Track and Manage your Pending Thank You Letters.
  • Follow updates from Hiring Managers with just a click.
  • Maintain autonomy over your Home Dashboard by choosing Dashboard Options at the top-right.
  • Sort jobs any way you want and create filters based on either Department or Location.
  • Run a quick search for a specific active job using Filter by Job Title at the top-left.

Dashboard Options & Filters

  • Dashboard Options: Choose information that you need to see underneath your jobs from the Options button at the top-right of the dashboard.
  • Filters: Update the dashboard to see jobs you are assigned to as a Hiring Manager or Recruiter (My Jobs), an Executive user (Executive Jobs), or a Team Member (Team Member Jobs).


As a hiring manager, your Home Dashboard will show:

  • Your Jobs: The jobs you are assigned to under the My Jobs tab.
  • Review Requests: Indicates a candidate has been screened by your recruiters and a request was sent to you for review. You then provide feedback about the candidate, and if you want to move forward with them in the hiring process.

Home Dashboard Video

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Give feedback about this article
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