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Recruiting: Grant Support Access

Explains how to grant support access

How can I grant access to Support to view candidate details?

It's quick and easy to grant access to Support. In the upper-right corner of Recruiting, click the Gear icon. Under this menu, select Grant Support Access. Under this same menu, the option to Extend Access is available.

Do I have to grant access in order to get help with Recruiting?

Not all Support inquiries require access. If you choose not to grant access, our Support team can still help, but we might ask you to share your screen with us in a scheduled meeting so that we can help resolve specific issues.

Can I see when Support was granted access?

Definitely! A log of these requests is available under Admin > Company Settings > Candidate Data Access. This goes back through the very first time that access was granted.

Why do I now have to grant this access?

This change is a part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the privacy of your candidates in Recruiting. It provides you with greater control of the visibility of their data. These updates are in line with best practices in our industry when it comes to data security and personal privacy.

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