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Recruiting: DOMS / Local Storage Error Message (IE10 or 11)

Describes how to resolve a DOMS / Local Storage error message in Recruiting.


If you use Internet Explorer (IE) 10 or 11, follow these steps to resolve the DOMS or Local Storage error message: 

  1. You must first ensure Local DOM Storage has been enabled.
  2. If it has been enabled and the issue persists, it's likely a security issue. to resolve:
    • In IE on the task bar, click the Settings/Options icon (cog wheel), and then click, Internet Options. The Internet Options popup window appears. 
    • Click Security, and then click Sites. The Trusted Sites popup window appears. 
    • In the Add this website to the zone field, enter and, click Add, and then click Close
  3. If the error message continues to appear, make sure your IE browser and your Windows operating system are fully updated with the latest patches. Your local IT team can to assist with these updates.

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Give feedback about this article
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