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Recruiting: Customize Candidate File Types/Labels

Describes how to customize file types in Recruiting.

If you often upload a specific type of file to your candidates' records that does not match existing file types, such as references, art portfolio, assessments, etc., you can create a custom file type so it is available on every candidate's profile and across every job.

Follow these steps to customize a file type or label: 

  1. In Recruiting, on a candidate's record, click Upload as if you are uploading a file into the record. The Add File popup window appears. 
  2. In the Type of File field, select Custom File Type.
  3. Enter the label, click Upload and add a file, and then click Save. Your new File Type is available in the Upload list for all candidates moving forward.
  4. To delete a custom file type you previously created, in the Upload list, hover over the custom file type and then click the red trash can.

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Give feedback about this article
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