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Recruiting: Budgeted Groups and Titles

Describes budgeted groups and titles and how to set them up in Recruiting.


Budgeted Groups and Titles are internal classifications for your jobs so you can align the jobs you create in Recruiting with the job titles you use internally. We call these internal titles Budgeted Titles.

Note: Budgeted titles never appear externally.

For example:

  • Perhaps your organization hires for Engineering interns every Fall.
  • Internally, you might call these positions SF-Engineering-Fall-Intern-2017, but externally, you want this job to simply be called Engineering Fall Intern.

Both Budgeted Groups and Titles are reportable fields in Recruiting's Analytics & Reporting.


Important: You must be an Administrator to perform this task. 

  1. In Recruiting, click Admin and then click the Company Settings tab. 
  2. In the left menu, click Budgeted Groups and Titles. The Budgeted Groups and Titles screen appears. 
  3. In the Add Budgeted Groups and Titles to New Jobs field, mark the radio button next to the appropriate option:
    • Off: Use if you do not want to use Budgeted Titles.
    • On-Optional: Use if you want it be optional whether or not jobs are assigned Budgeted Titles.
    • On-Required: Use if you want to require new jobs are assigned Budgeted Titles.
  4. To setup your Budgeted Groups and Titles: 
    • Budgeted Groups: Are the folders containing individual Budgeted Titles.
    • First, set up Budgeted Groups, and then nest your Budgeted Titles in the folders as appropriate.
    • A common way of setting up Budgeted Groups is based on department or team.

      Note: There is currently a limit of 1000 Budgeted Titles and 200 Budgeted Groups.
  5. To find all jobs that need a Budgeted Title, towards the top of the Budgeted Groups and Titles section, Recruiting indicates the jobs that have not been assigned to a Budgeted Group and Title. Click View these jobs to review the jobs.


With this feature enabled, the Create a Job screen includes the Budgeted Title field.

Note: The field might be Optional or Required, depending on how you set it up. 

  1. In Recruiting, on the Create a Job screen, click Choose a Budgeted Title. The Budget Tittle popup window appears. 
  2. Mark the radio button next to the appropriate Budgeted Title, and then click Save to associate the job with this Budgeted Title.

Pro-tip: You can also create new budgeted groups and titles on-the-fly by clicking Create a Title on the Budgeted Title selection prompt.

What if I use the Job Approval feature?

  • If you use Job Approval, job requestors can select a Budgeted Title as part of the requisition form as they would with any Job level field. Configure this in Admin > Approvals > Job Approval Fields.
  • If your organization elects to have job requestors select a Budgeted Title, this title can always be adjusted by the HR Administrator activating the job after approval.


In Recruiting, on the job's Info Screen, click the Budgeted Title field, select a title, and then click Save

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