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Recruiting: Aggregated Reports

Describes aggregated reports in Recruiting.


  • The Aggregated Reports feature enables organizations with multiple company instances in Recruiting to view analytics and run reports that capture the data from all company instances at once. 
  • Multiple Business Units, One Page: Organizations with multiple instances can save time by viewing data from all company instances in one place in Recruiting. This eliminates the manual process of merging reporting data from multiple company instances outside the system.
  • Who can use the feature? Admins and Staffing Users with access to multiple company instances can view aggregated analytics and run aggregated reports.
  • For more information, see Analytics and Reporting Overview


How do I select multiple company instances?

  1. To select your company instances to include in analytics, on the top task bar, click Analytics. The Overview screen appears. 
  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click the Companies Selected field. 
  3. In the Select Companies popup window, select the relevant companies to include in your analytics and reports and click Save.

    After you click Save:
    • Your analytics dashboard automatically updates and includes the data from all the companies you selected. 
    • The Companies Selected field indicates the number of companies.

  4. After selecting relevant companies to report on, proceed with viewing analytics and running reports as you normally would. 

Note: As shown here, you can also update your company selections on the Reports tab to quickly modify the company data you want to include in a report.

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