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Recruiting: Activating and Editing Corporate Thank You Letter templates

Describes how to activate and edit these templates.

  • Recruiting includes pre-built Thank You Letter templates for every stage of the interview process.
  • Recruiting also includes a set of corporate templates and personal templates for each user.
  • When you send a Thank You Letter to a candidate, you can choose either type.
  • Follow these steps to send a Thank You Letter: 
    1. In Recruiting, click Admin, click Email Templates, and then click Corporate Settings
    2. Click Message Templates.
    3. Click Corporate Templates.
    4. In Thank You Letters/Settings, you can turn on your Thank You Letters. In that same section appears a list of the default, corporate Thank You Letters you can edit. 

Note: When you pass on a candidate, choose whether you want to use a Personal or Corporate Template.

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Give feedback about this article
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