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Getting Started With Paycor Smart Sourcing

Tips and resources to get begin successfully using Paycor Smart Sourcing!

Paycor Smart Sourcing is Ready!  

After a few quick set-up items, you will be ready to start training your new AI Recruiting tool to help find more candidates for your open positions.   

Before you get started:   

  • Your Current Recruiting Admin is set as the default Smart Sourcing Manager for your account. You can easily change this within your Recruiting Company Settings.
  • Once activated, you can select the specific job you want to source for and change the Smart Sourcing Manager for each job.
  • The assigned Smart Sourcing Manager receives a notification that the job is ready to calibrate within Recruiting. This launches an AI-powered campaign to contact and invite candidates to connect and apply for your positions. 
Note: It can take some time for your first job calibration to be ready. If you don’t get the email within 24 hours, please contact  

Ready to get started?  

To maximize your success, make sure to carefully review all these materials:

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Give feedback about this article
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