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Paycor Recruiting: How to Cancel Paycor Recruiting Subscription

This article has details about cancelling your Paycor Recruiting Account.


  • Read this article carefully before you proceed with cancelling your account.
  • Because there are many ways a customer can be billed for Paycor Recruiting, it’s important to direct your cancellation to the appropriate team to make sure it is processed correctly.  


Customers who use Paycor Recruiting integrated with their Paycor account for Payroll, Benefits, Time, etc. have billing for ATS bundled into their Paycor invoice should follow these steps.


  • Contact Paycor Support by calling (800) 381-0053 to cancel or review your Paycor Recruiting billing:
    • Alert the Paycor Support team so they can correctly route your question based on how Recruiting is billed to your company.
    • Have your Client ID(s) ready when calling Paycor Support.
  • We recommend you work towards removing the ATS iframe/careers page from your site first.
    • This usually means working with your web team to remove/replace the information.
    • We also ask that you close all of your active jobs and disposition your remaining candidates.
    • We will not remove jobs on your behalf, so you will want to ensure jobs are closed before the account is locked so candidates cannot continue applying.

After the Recruiting team is notified internally of your cancellation, someone from Paycor will reach out with next steps and provide with additional instructions on how to request your data and recommendations for final account maintenance prior to cancelling.

A few things to note about cancelling Paycor Recruiting when it is connected to other Paycor products:

  • The Recruiting Support team is not able to review billing or contracts with our full suite clients.
  • Leaving Paycor but want to keep your ATS? We can do that. Let the Paycor Team know and we can work to convert your billing to standalone or direct.
  • You will not be automatically sent a data export of your ATS account – you must request the export by following the instructions sent to you by our team.


  • Access to Paycor Recruiting is determined by your final date with Paycor.
  • You will maintain access to Paycor Recruiting through the end of the month you requested to cancel or until you no longer have access to Paycor – whichever of these occurs first.


Note: If you are unsure, contact

  • Paycor requires a 30-day written notice for all Direct clients who are cancelling Paycor Recruiting. Send an email to with your intention to cancel, a reason, and a date you intend to cancel. Email is considered written notice.
  • You must be an administrator in your Recruiting Account to request a cancel.
  • When Paycor receives your notice, we will alert the billing team and they will finalize your billing and process the cancellation. We will also reach out to you with additional instructions on how to request your data and recommendations for final account maintenance prior to cancelling.

Data Exports:

  • Paycor offers a one-time export of your Paycor Recruiting data. You must request the export; it is not automatically sent to you once you cancel.
  • Accounts who do not request a data export can expect Paycor Recruiting to purge their account information between 30 and 90 days after cancelling.
  • We cannot send data exports if your account is past-due.
  • If you have questions on your remaining balance or if you need help understanding your bill, please contact via email and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Notes about Paycor Recruiting Billing for Standalone Customers:

  • Recruiting is billed as a recurring subscription; it is not usage based. If you don’t plan to continue to use Recruiting, you must request a cancellation, or it will continue to bill.
  • No refunds or credits will be offered to accounts who do not provide written notice in a timely manner.
  • Billing starts on the day you sign your order form.
  • Customers who fail to pay their invoices in a timely manner might be locked out of their Recruiting account without notice. Late fees might also be assessed.
  • Paycor Recruiting mostly offers month-to-month subscriptions. There are some occasions where a customer might have signed annual terms – we will alert you if this is the case.
  • Additional questions about billing? Contact

Admin License Cancellation and Removal:

  • Like the rest of Recruiting, your administrator licenses are billed as a subscription, not based on usage. You must alert us if you will no longer be using an administrator license associated with your account for us to remove them from billing.  Inactivating or deleting an administrator does not remove it from your billing and you will continue to be billed for that license.
  • If you remove a user as an administrator, the license is open for someone else to use.

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