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Recruiting: Text Messaging Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Troubleshooting

FAQ about text messaging and troubleshooting for issues.

1. Is a text notification sent when users provide mobile numbers? 

  • Yes:
    • After users opt-in during the applications process, they are sent a text message confirming their opt-in status and outlining a way to opt-out. 

2. Are users required to give express written consent in a clear and conspicuous manner, so they know what they’re signing up for? 

  • Yes:
    • Users are asked to opt-in and consent during their application process.

3. Does Recruiting disclose possible carrier costs and fees? 

  • We disclose before and after the opt-in process that message and data rates might apply. 

4. Is there an option to opt-out of future texts? 

  • The first text message includes instructions on how to opt-out.
  • Otherwise, a user can also opt-out of text messages on behalf of a candidate if they request it at any point. 

5. What number will candidates see texting them?

  • Each company is assigned numbers from a pool of numbers.
  • This is used consistently across candidates.
  • If a candidate applies to multiple jobs, a new number is used to keep the conversation threads separate for each job.

6. What happens if a candidate calls the text message number?

  • Inbound calls are handled with an automated message stating the number is only used for text message communication.

7. Can I schedule text messages to be sent at a later time?

  • Yes:
    • Next to Send Text Now, click the clock icon to do one of these:
      • Schedule the text message to send from one to seven business days in the future.
      • Schedule the text message to send on a specific date and time.

8. Can attachments be sent over text message? 

  • Certain carriers might not allow attachments to be sent to Recruiting.
  • If a candidate attaches a valid file type (Word Document, PDF, etc.) and the carrier allows it to be sent, it is attached to their record.
  • Outbound attachments cannot be sent via text message.

9. Why can't I text candidates that applied before this feature came out?

  • For candidates who have not opted in, you must get their permission/consent and then you can enable texting under the privacy tools section of their profile.
  • You can also email them directly or send an Information Request

10. Can I access text messages on my personal phone?

  • Yes:
    • You can access Candidate Texting on your mobile device by logging into applicant tracking on a web browser.
    • Texts to and from candidates will not appear on your mobile phone in your texting application.

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