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Recruiting: Gravity Usage Guide for Administrators

This is an administrator's guide for inviting and enabling users.


  • Copy, paste, and edit this email template to roll out Gravity. 
  • Also attach this Gravity App Flyer to the email.   
Hi team,

Good news, everyone! We are rolling out a new program to track employee referrals called Gravity.

This will allow us to recognize and reward team members who are taking an active part in our organization's recruitment efforts! Gravity is a mobile-friendly, web-based app which makes it easier to share jobs on social networks, vouch for people you know, and receive incentives for being a team player.

With just a few clicks, you can share onto LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

You will earn points and rewards for liking, posting, and sharing jobs. You will earn even more points when referrals apply and when they are hired! [USE THIS AREA TO ELABORATE ON YOUR ORGANIZATION'S INCENTIVE STRUCTURE]

When a referral applies, you can even vouch for your applicant via email! You will always know who is using your name on their application, and your valued comments are passed directly to the recruiting team.

Get started! Visit and sign up at[ENABLE THE LINK IN YOUR EMAIL.]

You can also check out the attached PDF for more details. That's it! Once registered, you can start sharing and climb to the top of the scoreboards.


  1. In the Admin section of Gravity, click Administer Users. From here, you can disable, delete, invite, or audit users.
  2. Ask your employees to visit the Gravity App and verify their work email address there.
  3. If some employees do not have a work email address, provide them with an invitation link. This is found at the bottom of the Administer Users section.


Reports capturing both monthly and all-time statistics are viewed from the Admin area by clicking Leader Reports. These can be exported any time by clicking Download.


  1. From Gravity, go back to Recruiting, click Admin and then click Message Templates.
  2. In the Gravity Recommendation section, you can enable and edit the email automatically sent to your employees after a candidate applies through their link.

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Give feedback about this article
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