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Recruiting: Transfer a Hired Candidate

Describes how to transfer hires from Recruiting to Paycor.

What Is the Transfer Hire Feature

Recruiting allows employers to mark applicants as hired and easily transfer the information to Onboarding to kick-off the onboarding process for the new hire.

Recruiting can support Transfer Hire integrations with other HRIS providers as well via our Export Hire Web Service. Recruiting Direct clients can coordinate with their HRIS provider to determine if the provider can write to our Export Hire Web Service via REST API. If they have an API or web services layer that can accept HTTP POSTs, they should be able to support industry-standard real-time integrations.

Because Recruiting is already connected with multiple systems via our open API, it is not standard practice for us to modify the API or write custom integrations. If your HRIS and payroll provider are able to connect to our API, then our Support team will be happy to help test it out.

Who Can Transfer Hires from Recruiting?  

  • Administrators: Can export hires by default.
  • Staffing and Standard Users: Can be authorized in your integration settings. You can even specify individual users to have this permission.

How Do I Transfer a Hire from Recruiting? 

There are two methods to transfer a hire:

Method 1

  1. Mark a candidate as Hired. Recruiting automatically opens the Transfer a Hired Candidate popover and prompts you to review/update the Candidate Information.
  2. Customers who configure the Transfer Hire integration with Paycor will be prompted to enter additional Onboarding Information in the next step. This information includes the Client IDJob Title, and Work Location. Customers who configure the Transfer Hire integration with another HRIS provider will not see this step in the workflow.
  3. After reviewing/updating the Candidate Information and Onboarding Information, the customer will be presented with a final overview of the data being transferred. The customer can select the Transfer Candidate button to complete the transfer.
  4. The customer will see a confirmation message appear in the popover window, indicating the successful transfer of data.
    Note: Documents such as a resume, a cover letter, or an offer letter, can be transferred with the rest of the candidate details. Documents are accessible in Paycor in People > People Settings > Document Library. These files are not displayed during the Onboarding experience and are only visible in Paycor once the Onboarding experience is completed.

Method 2

  • You can also transfer new hires through the Integration Dashboard under the Integrations menu.
  • Depending on your HRIS, this might be displayed as Perform Integration or Transfer Manager
  • From this tab, you can track candidate transfers that are PendingTransferred, and Not Transferred.

Where Can I Find the Employee in My HRIS / Payroll System 

  1. In Paycor, go to People > All People.
  2. At the top of the page, click New Hire.
  3. Complete the required fields and send the invitation!
    Note: For other HRIS and payroll systems, contact that dedicated Support team for specific instructions.

What Information Is Transferred into Paycor?  

Depending on your account configurations, information transferred into Paycor can include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Contact Information
  • Work Location
  • Job Title
  • Compensation
  • Attachments:
    • Includes Application, Offer Letter, Resume and any document uploaded to the candidate profile in the ATS) -
    • Image files are not accepted. They interphere with the transfer process. 
  • As you can acquire additional docs during the Recruiting process, you can transfer them over to Paycor if/when the candidate is hired.
  • EEO Information only if it is collected during the hiring process.

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